We never thought we were going to visit Kiel. Some of us have never heard about this city till it appeared as one of the partner site in the Erasmus programme.

Kiel is the capital of the northern German federal state of Schleswig-Holstein and with a population of approximately 250.000 inhabitants also its largest city. It is situated approximately 90 km north of Hamburg.

Kiel is well-known for a variety of international sailing events, including the annual Kiel Week at the end of June which is the biggest sailing event in the world.

From November 5th – 12th 2016 students from five different countries met at the THG school in Kiel, Germany to discuss the topic of “Sex and Gender” with its impact on social and individual identity. During this week, workshops, seminars, cooperation games, evening activities, and discussions
were organized around the topic.. The students became experts and multipliers and took home their acquired knowledge.

Students of the THG science-course prepared presentations on genetic disposition of sex, sexual orientation and disorders that served as an introduction to the main topic. The foreign students came

well prepared having accomplished the assignments to the seminar. Part of it was to find a general definition of the terms “sex” and “gender”, furthermore an introduction to genetics so that they were able to take part in the experiment of DNA isolation. Another homework-part included a questionnaire that was done as a survey in the home countries.

Finally, it was an enjoyable and interesting exchange and workshop.