Turkish seminar

Turkish Seminar took place in January 2017. the main topic “traditions - constraints or inspiration for democratic action”.

The seminar was split into 2, half in Spain (Denmark, France and Germany), the other half in Denmark (Turkish, Spanish, French and German). There was importance on IT. We planned to , have video conferences between the 2 half conferences. We experienced more problems with this than we expected. The speed of the internet is very important. 

There were videos edited for each day, to be shown the following morning at both conferences see blog http://erasmusturkishseminar.blogspot.dk/

At the beginning of each conference there were warm up activities, to get the students to feel more comfortable working with each other and communicating well. Activities were started as a whole group, then students were separated into smaller groups, they worked together preparing posters and presentations. After which they presented them to the whole group. There were guests speakers to talk about religion and traditions. Children's games were played from each nation at both conferences. Long term exchange students reports and thoughts were shared and discussed. There was traditional dancing, shown and taught at both conferences. During the seminars students became aware that they are much more similar than they had previously thought. Even though there are clear differences in identities and traditions, and it is important to value and keep these, at the same time there are many things that are common between all groups that can increase tolerance and cooperation.

 Our objectives:

1) to make students more open minded 
2) Increase awareness of national similarities and differences 
3) helping improve their intellectual and maturing process 
4) Students become more tolerant of other cultures and less able people 
5) Make aware of differences and similarities in Language, religion, cuisine, dance, and national identity in general 
6) Use of ICT. 

Hereby our objectives were realized at these Turkish seminars .